Charges and billing
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To calculate the cost of supplying services to a potential customer within the Welsh Water supply area, see our published charges for our wholesale services.
The Wholesale Charging Rules require each undertaker considering significant changes to its Primary Charges, to publish information informing stakeholders of the scope of its proposed changes no later than six months before publishing its final charges.  

Wholesale Tariff Document 2019-20 - Scope of changes


We do not anticipate any material changes to the level of our wholesale water primary charges for 2019-20 but we are considering changing the structure of our Potable Water Industrial Tariff. Our current tariff structure applies a volumetric price per cubic metre of water used, a fixed charge (which includes a meter standing charge for the first meter on the supply) and meter standing charges for each subsequent meter.


From our experience of servicing the market and utilising the market software (CMOS) we now consider that the current structure could be more transparent so we are proposing to change the structure from 1st April 2019. We propose to take the standing charge for the largest meter out of the fixed charge so that the structure will be:

  • a volumetric price per cubic metre of water used;

  • a fixed charge (which will no longer include a meter standing charge); and

  • meter standing charges for all meters on the supply.

We expect the impact of this change will have negligible effect on the wholesale bill of individual customers. We welcome feedback on this proposal.

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