New Appointments and Variations (NAVs)

NAV Applications within our area are managed by our Wholesale Service Centre. All enquiries and form submissions should be made to phone 0800 2605053.

We have a suite of documents to assist new NAV Applications:


Guidance for NAVs Unserved sites (includes charging methodology)

•Guidance for NAVs - Consent Criterion

Guidance for NAVs large users

•Planning and New Development Guidance for NAVs

•Domestic Fire Sprinkler Information for NAVs 

The timescales within these Guidance documents align with the levels of service for Developers.

Application Forms

•NAV Application Form – Unserved Criterion

•NAV Application Form – Consent Criterion

•NAV Application Form – Large User Sites

•Planning and New Development Guidance Application form for NAVs

•NAV Sewer Application Form

Agreement Templates

•Dŵr Cymru Bulk Supply Agreement

•Dŵr Cymru Bulk Discharge Agreement

Full Service NAVs

We welcome early discussions with NAVs to consider on a case by case basis any efficiency savings achieved by a site being served via a full service NAV. We intend to review each application on a case by case basis to establish as a matter of fact what costs have been avoided for the business as incumbent supplier, and whether it is appropriate to give credit for these costs (to ensure an appropriate profit margin is available for the NAV making the application).